Monthly Archives: June 2018

The doomsayers principle.

All must believe that the situation is worse than it is before any will work to make it any better.

Ambiguity is irreducibly ambiguous.

Enough skill, though, can make clarity clear.

Why do you say I have a good work ethic?

I like to think; others like to drink. You wouldn’t say that an alcoholic is disciplined for raising a glass, would you?

Go ahead, steal my ideas.

I’ve got plenty more where those came from.

Signs everywhere!

You may have left the library, but you are still reading.


You know that it is true. You just don’t see that it is true yet.


There are views on that path, but they aren’t path dependent.

You’ve got strong views alright.

You are downright fixated upon the shadows on the walls.

Why should we avoid that topic?

We have so many better things to not talk about.

“Best practices.”

An ambitious goal seems far less intimidating when put on a “to-do” list.