Monthly Archives: July 2018

One cannot be authentic.

One can only act authentically.

This is the case.

X: Whether we like it or not… Y: You like that phrase; I do not.

What comes first?

Most of talk of logical priority is an expression of political priorities.

Star Wars is a family romance.

It is also a feudal romance. Hence the lackluster conflict between Rey and Kylo.

So what if Disney movies are sexual.

The actual obscenity is that they teach children to romanticize aristocrats.

It was once called History.

We call it “the racist history of [fill in the blank]” now. It will be called History again, but in a new way.

The best club ever.

I was a member, I didn’t know it, and I’m cool with it.

Creative paradox.

The circuitous path is the beaten one and the only way forward.

For Edwina Barvosa.

Call no one happy until they are many.

What is intelligence?

Primer, Inception, and other pseudo-intellectual films inspire their audiences to solve little puzzles.