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Othering is the other side of Selfing.

He is a half-baked Nietzschian.

Well, Nietzsche himself is a bit raw.

A word, for instance.

A representation has a presence all its own.

A face is a mask.

It can only function as a mirror of another mask.

The problem is political.

We have all put you first.

Correctional facility.

I say “a bit” a bit too much.

A theory is like a building.

The foundations remain long after the framework is uninhabitable.

Let’s just say labor is cyclical.

There is no need to make some never-ending story of it.

Another ideological conflation.

Ideology: “Free-trade.” Translation: “Economic necessity.”

Ideological conflation.

Ideology: “Fair-trade.” Translation: “Temporary truce.”