Monthly Archives: August 2018

A long, fruitless expedition.

Be careful about where you go fishing for compliments.

What does “Crazy Rich Asians” parody?

Whatever it is, it sure isn’t landed wealth, conspicuous consumption, or class dominance.

Sentimental orientalism > capitalist ethnocentrism.

“Crazy Rich Asians” is so reactionary, it makes “The Joy Luck Club” read like Mao. 

Not my word.

I am not working toward Revolution. I’m not waiting on it, either.

Burns, “The National Parks.”

The beauty of the natural world is unrelated to the “beauty” of U.S. nationalism. To claim otherwise is an outrageous appropriation.

Not the art of self-reflection.

Using psychological tools calibrated to market metrics is the science of self-surveillance.

Conserving is creating.

The act of defending against is generative of the very thing defended.

Kubrick, “The Shining.”

The exception to the rule that the movie is always worse than the book.

Depressing, isn’t it?

The lowest common denominator has reached whole new lows.

It is easy to fall silent before pain.

A democratic politics depends upon us continuing to speak out and speak on.