Monthly Archives: August 2018

Life expectancy is ethically neutral.

You have already outlived others who deserve to live more than you and you will not live so long as others who deserve to live less.

They find politics and society phony.

They seek authenticity in love and spirituality—not considering all the power and association in love and spirituality.

For E. V. Wolfenstein.

We are the problem that we are trying to solve. Our problem is that not all problems admit of solutions.

Clave is the rhythm of the heart.

Its beat is syncopated, yet smooth.

Consciousness, at least for humans, is embodied.

All that can uploaded is the information, and all that can be modeled is the information processing capacities, contained therein.

Who thinks “Marx is dead”?

The type of consciousness that denies Marx ever lived.

Sitting still.

Not all forms of “standing out” are forms of “standing up.”

What is confidence?

A trust in oneself that exceeds its rational basis.

Polite cockiness.

What is called confidence around these parts.

You read me as a confessor.

You read what you are reading for.