Monthly Archives: September 2018

The never ending story.

Story-telling is the only thing keeping you together. Yet the stories, full of rage, are tearing you apart.

A little, a lot.

It takes a little courage to dislike someone, but it takes a lot of cowardice to hate them.

Usually I’m a fast learner.

It is funny how long it took me to figure out that “efficient” education is a bad joke.

Why is there evil?

Behind this question is the question of theodicy.

Two kinds of violence.

An outbreak of violence occurs against the structural backdrop of slow violence.

Censorship internal or external.

A censored thought is not always one worth suppressing.

Are needs different from desires?

Well, necessities can be met. Desires cannot.

Two kinds of other-regard.

I don’t care what they say. I care what you think.

How I know both are delusions.

People are trying to derive meaning from “culture” just like they used to derive it from “civilization.”

Roderick, “The Self under Siege.”

You show that a close reading is not always a better reading.