Monthly Archives: October 2018

It travels well.

“We” are the baggage carried away from our past.

I’ve been here a while.

Surprisingly, I am not running out of things to criticize.

Killing for its own sake is seen as the ultimate evil.

How strange that killing for the sake of something else is seen as somehow less evil.

Knowledge is uncertain.

But our knowledge is nowhere near as uncertain as our emotion.

First memory of self-consciousness.

I am staring at a black girl who is staring at me: we are both about five years old, waiting for fast food with our mothers.

For Rufus Wainwright.

So what if I like pretty things? Would you rather that I dislike myself?

I labor best under false assumptions.

That’s how you can tell, despite all appearances of being a hater, that I am a lover at heart.

Societies and spiritualities.

No inner peace without outer peace is sustainable.

They aren’t bad, just ignorant?

You must mean they aren’t evil, just ignorant. Ignorance might be bliss, but it is also bad.  

The rich are by definition related to the poor.

What disturbs the rich is the possibility of a political relationship with the poor.