Monthly Archives: October 2018

Existence is not a right.

Hence there is no way that you don’t have the right to exist.

How could that be who I am?

That’s not even the kind of person I am.

Sacralization of the secular.

To argue that action can redeem existence is to ask of the political what it cannot deliver.

Movie magic.

You claim that this representation of barbarity, poverty, stupidity, etc. isn’t racist because it includes a few whites. That is like claiming that the insult that a man throws like a girl isn’t sexist.


I can’t live with them, though we can’t live without them.

Not smart.

Stupidity tries where the intellect lies.

What is truth?

The thing about Truth is it is more definitely interested.

The medium is the medium.

You think in youtube and dream in instagram.

Thought of gratitude.

All that can be changed is not changeable.

You say that everything is produced, performed, etc.

Logical problems aside (“everything” here means “nothing”), the saying speaks to a deep hatred for the given.