Monthly Archives: November 2018

Enough with the monologues, Edward Bellamy!

What your socialism wants is a compelling narrative.

I can’t understand Typical Cats.

For all their lyrical brilliance, they have not grasped the elementary distinction between writing and speaking.

A line stands on its own.

A non-line needs the support of surrounding sentences.

If easy, then not virtuous.

Abstaining for the abstemious and indulgence for the indulgent might be good. But following an inclination cannot be all that virtuous.

Playing with yourself.

How difficult it is to entertain a narcissist, especially when that narcissist is your self.

Mirror images.

If I’m going to identify with an image, I might as well enjoy it.

Four basic thoughts of the self.

(1) I am. (2) This is who I am. (3) This is how I compare with others. (4) This is why I am.

I need you to grow.

I just haven’t grown up enough to say so.


If you don’t believe that you believe, your beliefs will never change.

Academic kool-aid.

Minds can’t digest the stuff, much less live off of it.