Monthly Archives: December 2018

The world is coming to an end.

The activists put on at a concert. It failed to change anything, but it succeeded as a commemoration.

Humility, modesty, vanity.

Wit, and even genius, is no compensation for what one lacks in modesty.

These thinkers are not resources.

They are my friends. I don’t hate resources. Sometimes I hate my friends.

Judgment without apology.

X: I generally don’t like Starbucks, etc., but I really like this Starbucks, etc. Y: There’s no reason to be apologetic about possessing the faculty of judgment.

The philosophical difference is between having and being.

The political difference is between those who use others and those who are with them.


The moralist who discovers their own hypocrisy is like the detective who finds out they are the criminal.

Individualistic liberty.

It is the liberty to do what I want in my way, for my reasons, under circumstances of my choosing. Notice I did not say “with whomever I want.”


Nobody’s going to hit that jaywalker, but it would be Nobody’s fault if they tried.

“The Good Place” S2EP10.

It took a demon to rediscover the fundamental ethical move: generate a new option that refuses the dilemma given.

Another day at the office.

Meaninglessness ends with the bureaucratization of meaning.