Monthly Archives: January 2019

Equality is ugly.

The underdog mustered the courage to bite. The overman could only whine about resentment.

That look.

I cannot look you in the eye online; I can only see an image of your eye.

Everything? No thanks.

Give me nothing or give me something.

Coffee talk.

Political science: neither political nor scientific. Discuss!

Waters, mirrors.

To see yourself clearly, look in a running river—not a still lake or a stormy sea.


To succeed at failing—that is the challenge.

Happiness is a far-from-spontaneous project.

What other process requires so much practiced forgetting and studied delusion?

Political economy versus political ethics.

Substitute “interests” and “incentives” for “rights” and “duties.”

Who is vulnerable here?

Sometimes the notion of statutory rape is more for the protection of the parents than the protection of the “child.”

I write about rather than do politics.

I am convinced it is better to be a pseudo-intellectual than a pseudo-revolutionary.