Monthly Archives: February 2019

Things indifferent, intimate, and repressed.

There are many different ways of not talking about something.

Missing something.

The major casualty of the post-structural turn is not identity, but enmity.

What not to read.

You don’t read every book at the public library. You don’t read every book in a private one, either.

He enjoys complaining to others.

I would enjoy learning what pleasures he secretly reserves.

Institutional inducements.

Both sexually repression and sexual obsession are by-products of the bourgeois family and its “law.”

Fight Club, Mr. Robot, etc.

You say you want a revolution. But you also say you don’t.

Feelings are supposed to change.

X: You won’t feel that way in a couple of years. Y: That just proves that I’m doing it right.

They say suicide is selfish.

I disagree. The suicide of some would be a public service.

An observation on the beautiful.

Intelligence and beauty are more compatible than beauty and depth.

Piss off, tailgater.

You will get to your very own nowhere soon enough.