Monthly Archives: March 2019


When it comes to bad or good, she always gets more than she deserves.

Most smart people are idiots.

Why? Because they want their intelligence to be recognized.

Kleinian object-relations.

When I passionately “relate” to you, you have “objectively” become a “part” of me.

Common sensible.

The “Flat Earth” hypothesis is only absurd to those with the modern scientific distrust of our senses.

Read against the grain.

Have no fear if the surface starts to splinter.

An empirical statement.

There is no way reality could be as boring as your thoughts make it out to be.

I saw that on TV.

If people once learned “life lessons” from novels, I guess it’s only mildly ridiculous that people model themselves on TV characters.

Immersed in anonymity.

There is comfort in a constant stream of talk radio, TV, or music.

Competition breeds irony.

A measure of doubleness is perhaps a necessity in a world where rejections come far more frequently than acceptances.

Too close for comfort.

What infuriates and embarrasses liberals is how Ayn Rand states their own “moral philosophy” with candor and crudeness.