Monthly Archives: March 2019

In the ring.

A talking head is halfway there to being a mouthpiece.

Draw it out.

What an unjustifiably redundant usage of completely extra and totally unnecessary words!

“Discipline” does not lead to “success.”

The only reason to discipline oneself is the enjoyment of self-mastery.

“Non-traditional” academics.

It is unwise to demonstrate genius when only competence is called for. It is unjust to demand genius where only competence is called for.

Dominant and subaltern.

I understand what you’re doing to me much better than you understand what I’m doing with you.

You call it Bohemian.

I call it Epicureanism mixed with Cynicism.

Love and marriage.

The best examinations of affects are explorations of social conventions.

A certain “realism.”

Science fictions don’t describe the facts or the future; they rather demonstrate how facts and futures are made.

The Konmari method.

The only people buying this shit are the people who buy shit.

The “Jenny Craig” treatment.

Consumerism is the binge, the Konmari method is the purge.