Monthly Archives: April 2019

“Socio-political” is a contradiction.

Social animals create hierarchies across ranges. Political animals overturn hierarchies within limits.

Peterson versus Zizek according to Suzuki.

Psychoanalysis is a philosophy. Philosophy is a game that nobody wins.

Keep your friends close.

Keep your micro-aggressive colleagues even closer.

Calling something something else is not conceiving it.

Doing so is a calling for a genuine conceptualization.

Merely verbal differences.

One calls it “the development of human nature,” while another author calls it “the essence of the human condition.”

Academic life.

It takes a bit of discipline and a good deal of unprofessionalism to not work on fashionable topics and trendy methods.

A democratic paradox.

“The people” is a part of “the people.”

We need not radically reimagine everything.

We only need to reconnect with and resituate the already excellent things in this world.

Some ideas arise from vision.

But others arise from sounds. Yet others arise from touch.

Multiculturalism is a slight improvement.

The myth of manifold unity has surpassed the myth of simple unity in the nationalist imaginary.