Monthly Archives: April 2019

Neo-fascism is neo-colonialism.

We will never defeat an enemy who bears a truth in distorted form without accepting that truth in its true form.

How do you know we’re friends?

Well, you can talk to your friends. That’s what friends are for.

How anal can you get?

The guy in the next stall wiped his ass for a full five minutes.

Hobbesian deliberation.

If there is a will, there is also a say.

Will and nill.

If there is a will, there is also a counter-will.

Living is also dying.

The meaning of one’s death is also in one’s dying.


I have four languages besides English, all of which are broken.

Nolan, “Interstellar.”

It is a shame that some people can’t wonder at the universe without wanting to colonize it.

Why do we prize empathy?

For one thing, artificial intelligence has been “smarter” than us for some time now. For another, we have never prized wisdom.


Solitude prefigures that kind of death which thinkers pursue.