Monthly Archives: May 2019

Reality principle.

Hopefulness is just as delusional as hopelessness in the absence of reality testing.

Infantile fantasy?

Don’t be childish. Fantasies will never grow up.

Laziness can be good.

The best defense of clever people against degeneracy is a simple lack of ambition.

What is his problem?

That huge dick fears he has a small penis.

You have plenty of “intellectual horsepower.”

But all you ever figured out how to do with it is drive it into dead ends and drive it off cliffs.

You call that a reading?

You skimmed a classic. You skimmed it again—this time with a highlighter.

The masks are off.

I prefered the masks. I never mistook a mask for a face. Yet the same old petty politics is now a whole lot uglier.

Who is utopian?

F.A. Hayek, a second rate philosopher, must be dismissed along with Plato, the first among the utopian theorists.

Class difference.

Working hard is easier than hard work.

About Che.

A minister of labor who doesn’t do hard work himself is not a minister. He’s a manager, and a useless one at that.