Monthly Archives: May 2019

Getting ahead of ourselves.

Our lives would be a heap of unrelated incidents if we did not think ourselves other than what we are.


Bootlickers are asking for a boot in their face.


Revenge is the best revenge.


Release is the best revenge.

Give all the choice to opt-in.

I guarantee at that point insiders and outsiders alike will decide to leave together.


Saying things are going to be hard is too easy to do.

Men want to be him, women want him?

Fine, but let’s admit that envy is also desire and desire is also envy.

Do I need a meaningful life?

Likely. But I’d settle for a free life.

Do I need true ideas?

Probably. But I’d settle for meaningful ideas.

That’s not a new idea.

That’s a neologism. The new word sounds uglier than the old one.