Monthly Archives: July 2019

Irate irony.

I would say, “You should have bought me while I was still for sale.” Except it is more accurate to say, “You could have bought me while I was still for sale.”

Neutrality as distortion.

Neutrality is not objectivity when the object itself is not neutral. 

True, I have first world problems.

All that means is my problems are more privileged than yours.

Creation and speech are ordinary.

It is grandeur and delusion of monotheism to endow them with extraordinary power.

Are you impatient?

Ironically, you are wasting your time. 

Most are recycled.

Throwaway lines are seldom thrown away.

A model of social change.

I’m not saying I want you dead. I’m just saying I’m waiting for you to die.

For careful usage.

The benefit of the doubt is of doubtful benefit.

Ma Jian, “China Dream.”

The China Dream is not the only national ideology premised on forgetting and oblivion.

Political Science.

Your study of politics is a study of voting because your biggest political problem is choosing a candidate in the next election.