Monthly Archives: July 2019

Political Theory.

Your study of politics is a study of books because your biggest political problem is what book to read next.

Philosophy and/or theory.

A philosopher is somebody who works on fundamental problems. A theorist is somebody who works on unsolvable problems. 

Morality versus moralism.

What makes the difference is personal and political action.

Relieved of a burden.

An ideologist is lucky enough to have an ideology that decides what to show and what to hide. 


Ever notice how the ones who see your ideas about race as simple are the ones “blind” to their simple racism?

It is easy to treat significant others well.

The better test of morality is how one treats insignificant others. 

Sounding deep.

I would give this truism a nice turn of phrase, but I wouldn’t want to give fools another thing to not think about.

Why did I write like that?

Lacking confidence in themselves, the contemporary humanities taught me to lack confidence in my thinking.

Psychoanalytic anti-utopianism.

Home is no place, least of all within yourself. 

Bradbury, “The Martian Chronicles.”

The Earth-like atmosphere on Mars is an ideological necessity; it allows Bradbury to elaborate his settler colonial guilt and “New World” fantasies.