Monthly Archives: August 2019

How can I be “ashamed” of U.S. history?

I never assumed I should be “proud” of it in the first place.

Writer’s block?

More like nothing to say.

Do (all) revolutions transform humanity?

The human condition is largely consistent across the agrarian, industrial, and digital revolutions.

Being friendless made me self-reliant.

What such conditions really taught me, though, is the power of intrinsic motivation. 

Loneliness can only harm.

Solitude can only harm a mind unprepared for it.

There is too much to read?

No, there is not nearly enough worth reading.

You’re looking for the wrong person.

Please remember that another person’s shoes aren’t supposed to fit. 

You’re just looking at my shoes.

You haven’t even tried them on, much less tried walking in them.

A Mayan hypothesis.

The universe is created and the universe is destroyed four times. Yet we cannot call it a work in progress.

It’s just that kind of thing.

Anxiety remains diffuse and mobile even after its origin and cause have been identified.