Monthly Archives: August 2019

Easy there…

Ease with oneself begins with ease in the world.

Fanonian socio-diagnostic.

Who can be at ease in a diseased world?

Limits of Star Trek.

We learn little about humanity when we imagine that all aliens are humanoids.

Two kinds of dependence.

Dependence can mean interdependence, which is inevitable; however, interdependence can also mean domination, which is idiotic.

Dependence, independence.

You are that part of me upon whom I depend for my sense of independence.


Our spirit, which is all around us, must be inhaled.

Good in itself.

Breathing, like living, must be done purely for its own sake.

Economics versus politics.

Upward mobility is no substitute for forward movement.

Love cannot overcome hate.

What vanquishes hate is dispassion.

Love is not quite infantile.

Hence juveniles have the deepest understanding of it.