Monthly Archives: September 2019

Who makes your stuff?

Only a nationalist believes that “the American working class” lives in the United States.

Mitski, “Be the Cowboy.”

You know I can’t do that. Nor I can I be “the Indian.”

Mitski, “Be the Cowboy.”

You know I can’t do that. But I know you can’t do that either. 

Why do I get out of bed in the morning?

Usually because I am done sleeping.

Asserting the value of the subaltern changes nothing.

Taking our own value for granted, but differently than the dominant does, changes everything.

Movies are “electric shadows.”

The best are shadows of “the Real.” And we only apprehend “the Real” through shadows.

Pedagogy and perspective.

First, learn to look down upon your “superiors” and look up to your “inferiors.” As ranks even out, learn to look forward and backwards.

Why we don’t get along.

I am interested in becoming less stupid, that is, learning. You are interested in prestige, that is, stupefying.

I’m not positive death is bad.

But if it is, it must be bad in itself; it cannot be bad for the dead. 

The case for “Berniecare.”

Healthcare is a need—a basic one at that. Save markets for wants—the more superfluous, the better.