Monthly Archives: September 2019

Academic tenure.

Even if tenure theoretically protects controversial or even dangerous thinking, in practice it is the pursuit of job security and the consequence of safe thinking. 

Why I don’t argue online.

Most of the arguments are click bait. The rest are arguments to win. 

Your posts gets thousands of views.

I would be satisfied if a few minds could see this post.

The desire for fame is mostly harmless.

But then someone gets famous. Don’t let it be you.

The liberal proposal.

Let’s make American colorblind racist again.

She read her Hume well.

More than once, I heard her talk about “philosophy bullshit.” 

The idea of “original research” is producerist nonsense.

It is bad enough that academics speak this way; it is even worse when we foist it upon our students.

Liu Cixin, Three Body Problem.

The book perfectly captures our impasse: it is wildly imaginative about everything but political economy. 

Better and worse.

The only thing worse than a professional politician is a professional revolutionary. But the only thing better than a true statesman is a true radical.