Monthly Archives: October 2019

Neoliberalism turned you around.

The public sector doesn’t have illegitimate privileges that nobody should have; it provides useful, secure jobs that everybody should have. 

We’d love to include your diversity!

Just turn into a completely different person first.

Let’s try politics.

I’ll pass on provocation. Ditto on piousness.

For Whitman.

A vast similitude interlocks all poetics of vast similitude.

There is no alternative?

Here are too many alternatives. The difficulty is finding the right one.

Vico reversed.

We can understand least what we have made ourselves: history.

You do European studies.

Your position as a Europeanist, however, precludes you from keeping Europe in perspective.

Why Marxists do sci-fi studies.

Marxism itself is theory of futurity, one premised on cognitive extrapolation.

Fantasy versus science fiction.

In “Star Wars,” the fantasy is divided into good and evil. In “Star Trek,” the science fiction is parsed into old and new.

Incompleteness as a virtue.

A totalitarian state is bad enough. A totalitarian god is even worse.