Monthly Archives: October 2019

Morris, “News from Nowhere.”

Chapter 13 says it all: Utopia has no place for politics.

Life is contradiction.

Antagonistic contradiction—now that is politics.

Herodotus > Thucydides.

History isn’t just war; it is everything.

Aphorism > hashtag.

This is not a sentence.

Seeing is only sometimes believing.

Yet seeing is somehow always conceiving.

There is no “why.”

The only question concerning death is “how.”

“Angry Asian Man.”

Not all anger is born of vanity; some of it is grounded on self-respect .

Domination, oppression.

We cannot escape from freedom; we can only turn freedom against itself.

We are doing the unnecessary.

What we need to do is the impossible.

Right polarities.

The first pole is economic: the drive to profit. The second pole is ethical: the drive to rule.