Monthly Archives: November 2019

One of a kind?

No thanks. Many of no kinds.

Whiteness is appropriation.

Whiteness first appropriates labor and land; only later does it “appreciate” cultures and moralities.

Anti-fascism is for everyone.

That includes fascists too.

A distinction that partakes of itself.

The distinction between lumpers and splitters both lumps and splits.


It takes sophistication and simplicity to expose a sophist as a simpleton. 

U.S. radicalism as a structural location.

U.S. radicals turn to the right questions for the right motives; the problem is they do it in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.

“One Punch Man.”

The show has mastered the art of climatic anti-climax. 

Socialism is a phase.

Given enough time and consistency, every socialism is an anarchism.

The “royal road,” indeed.

Whatever universality resides in your narrow band of experiences is unrelated to the fact that you experienced it.

Chris Evans’s best roles are diametrically opposed.

Captain America, the superhero, saves the world. Curtis, wretched of the earth, transforms the world.