Monthly Archives: November 2019

The time travel genre.

Edward Bellamy, 19th c. progressive, travels forward to criticize the present. Robert Zemeckis, 20th c. conservative, travels backwards to save the present.

Imagination has never been enough.

The only way “beyond” capitalism, racism, and patriarchy is through strategy, experiment, and planning.

It has always been possible.

Every day you move into the future, all the while fantasizing that time travel is not yet possible.

How do I know the author is wealthy?

Among the tell-tale signs are unnecessary questions, ambiguous answers, leisurely pacing, and “good taste.” 

Conventionally-measured success?

As if there were any other kind? “Success” is the very index of a “convention.”


He dragged himself out of bed to get back in bed. 

Nightmare on Elm Street.

This series is deeply conservative in that only nightmares, and never dreams, can transform reality.

Capitalism teaches that life is work.

Capitalism also automates, prices, and throws people out of work—murderous gestures, by its own standards. 

Nothing can explain itself?

No. That is what selves and societies do daily.

I don’t say “I’m home.”

What I say—and what I mean—is “I’m back.”