Monthly Archives: January 2020

Impossible versus improbable.

The greatest impossibilities are impossibilities of desire. But the most that most can conceive is a probability of zero.

For Elliott Smith.

Are you a world within a world or a world without one?

An aphorism is a monad.

If I were into dialogue, I wouldn’t be into aphorism.

I won’t rail against Montesquieu’s “Spirit of the Laws.”

It is far more enjoyable to read this encyclopedia of Orientalist wisdom in the spirit of Occidental foolishness.

Is it will power?

Not unless its writhing against restraints, I say. Otherwise, I would call it “habit power.”

Is education a market?

Why can’t anyone with the money buy a degree?

Continents are political constructions.

On what objective, physical definition of “continent” is Europe, but not India, a continent?

Historical research.

“History shows…” almost everything, not one thing. So does “research.”

It is okay to hate yourself a little.

Just hate everyone else a little more.


He wasn’t trying to show off—he was only trying to show up.