Monthly Archives: January 2020


Seekers of alien life ask if we are alone. Alienated seekers of life ask if I am alone.  

Polarization is politicization.

Politicization is a condition and consequence of politics.

You think I am crying “wolf” about racism?

I think you are naïve as to how many wolves roam this wilderness.

The American Century is over.

It is not a (real) crisis. It is certainly not a catastrophe.

They call it anti-philosophy.

The insight is that problems are better dissolved than solved.

Look—do not touch!

The displacement of utopian by dystopian fiction is effected by conservative anxieties.

Classifying classes.

a1. poor, lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class, rich a2. poor, working class, middle class, rich b1. poor versus rich b2. working class versus non-working class c1. individualism c2. humanism

Uncertainty in the objective.

You can just as little expect the expected as you can not-expect the unexpected.

I can’t believe it’s not better.

“I can’t believe it’s not butter! Original” is the emblematic product in an age of “postmodern skepticism.”

No, I’m not too good for self-promotion.

I just fail to see how self-promotion would lead to anything I would want.