Monthly Archives: February 2020

How could it be a single authored work?

I have never written anything by myself. You haven’t either.

You don’t like something about me.

Luckily my selves come unbundled and they’re all for sale.

We won’t live forever.

Freedom is inside this limit. Freedom is outside of it, too.

Masters of the Universe.

Proof that the desire for mastery is infantile.

Death Note, Future Diary, etc.

Proof that rational choice, not the mention the desire to be a god, is for teenagers.

Liu, “Three Body” Trilogy.

The axiom is that no species truly matures.

Critical theory.

Never call out what calls for critique.

He brings his entire self to work.

I don’t begrudge this attempt; it strikes me as a human one.

You’re out.

In politics, but not in morality, we are justified in saying “present company excluded.”

Sure, the walls are closing in.

But only because you’re dashing towards them.