Monthly Archives: March 2020

A paragraph length sentence is no sign of intelligence.

It only indicates the speaker or writer neither knows how to punctuate nor understands what to omit.

Education bears no relation to “success.”

This, my fellow educators, must be our first lesson.

Why I am so interested in myself?

You could call it narcissism. I call it an interest in excellence.

Is this “critical thought”?

Everything is problematic, including the act of calling everything problematic and the calling into question of this act.

A thought on Confucius.

His wisdom consists in being more certain about what should be than what is.

You wonder why it is dying?

Most works in academic theory express an exquisitely developed, unbelievably parochial point of view.

Super Tuesday 2020.

It is almost as if Democratic Party elites are more opposed to socialism that their Republican counterparts are to authoritarianism.

Chen, “Animacies.”

The point of a diagram is that it speaks for you.

Niven, “Ringworld.”

You can keep this book closed; the idea right is there on the cover.

What can you do there?

The Internet is alright for the production of knowledge; it is even better for the proliferation of opinion.