Monthly Archives: April 2020

Thinking and seeing.

Good: think about your thinking. Better: see there is thinking.

Some only read their friends.

I would read enemies too. And don’t forget to read the neutrals.

How to get along with family.

Make every attempt to transform annoyances into amusements.

What reality?

The dirty secret of reality TV is that social life is entirely scripted.

I’m in a political science department.

The advantage is that I must defend everything, including myself, exhaustively. The disadvantage is that I’m beyond exhausted.

Not a royal.

Film is the common path into the unconscious.

Take a hard look at the self.

I think you can see it is the precipitate of pain.

An apocalypse reveals.

This revelation could change our minds and hence our trajectory.

They call it covid19.

It is the flashpoint for extended crises in health care, governance, economy, education, and migration.

Three temptations of intellectual life.

Mindless empiricism, thoughtless productivity, professional ambitions.