Monthly Archives: May 2020

Samuel Huntington ruined the word “civilization.”

Civilizations exist as horizons, foundations, and frameworks; they can’t translate into the politics of conflict, identity, and value.

Do I hate “the white man”?

My feeling is more like indifference. Hence the white man’s rage toward me.

“Divorcing” one’s family.

The tendency of liberal individualism, which makes all association optional, is a tendentious “opting out.”

Friends, family.

In saying a friend is family, we imply that our relationship has gone from chosen to given.

You and I are not one.

Yet I am part of you and you are part of me.

Are we on the same side?

That is the only political question. It does not matter if we call each other friends, allies, or comrades.

US black radicalism (1950s-1970s).

The only social revolution in the US had communist elements, but it was not specifically communist.

There is no reason to carry on.

Yet I carry on with pleasure and with pain.

A strong suspicion.

This professor-turned-bureaucrat has never experienced intellectual pleasure.

Middle class pretenders.

Some pretend to be richer than they are, others pretend to be poorer.