Monthly Archives: June 2020

Three ways to be a third way.

1. Accept a position between two polar opposites (e.g. social democracy between capitalism and communism). 2. Reject both poles of an opposition (e.g. fascism). 3. Affirm a position outside the polar opposition (e.g. anarchism).

“Individual” comes from “indivisible.”

Hence “the individual” is irreducible to the notion of “one human body.”

Your work isn’t perfect?

Neither is anyone’s. May you one day attain such renown that others will nitpick it.

Robert Putnam plays detective, solves crimes.

Social science has always sought to serve the state, which more or less rejects it.

Social capital defined.

Community for capitalist societies.

Human capital, social capital, physical capital.

With all this capital around, how could anything as fantastical as a “worker” exist?

Feelings of contribution.

X: My ancestors built this country! Y: So did mine. What have you done for it lately?

An expert in fear.

Who else could be a courageous person?

For Kishimi and Koga.

It takes courage to be disliked, agreed. However, such courage is the precise opposite of freedom.

Kishimi and Koga, “The Courage to be Disliked.”

Accept yourself; do not accept others. Confide in others; do not seek self-confidence.