Monthly Archives: July 2020

I don’t like overexplaining.

In fact, I don’t even like explaining.

Misunderstanding inheres in dialogue.

This process, in certain circles, is called “interpretation.”

Star Trek finds humans disguised as aliens everywhere.

That is why the Federation travels without spacesuits; they’re really still on the Earth.

Career ambitions are not ambitious.

They signal a dreadful, default of desire in capitalist societies.

A year in Granville, Ohio.

Small town gossip is more entertaining than the trashiest of television. Yet I still prefer the idiot box. 

My orientation is phenomenological.

I will apologize to nobody but Derrida for indulging in a “metaphysics of presence.”

Unhappy together.

To break the association between necessity and meaningfulness would be a great boon to our happiness.

Status, fame, pleasure.

I wouldn’t follow your dreams; I’d dream dreams worth following first.

Kirstie McClure taught indispensable lessons.

She taught me how to read, why reading is also writing, and when to read charitably.

Riley, “Sorry to Bother You.”

Thank you for creating a Horseman I can believe in.