Monthly Archives: July 2020

A problem of ontology, not epistemology.

Most invocations of “category mistake” partake of a category mistake.

Scholarship is organized by fads.

Its proponents will deny faddishness while the fad is hot and quietly discard it during the cooling-off. Its opponents will deny that the fad is over, attacking it decades after its passing.

Burnham, “Eighth Grade.”

The premise, appropriately average, is that the “average American adolescent” is fascinating.

Star Trek.

All that economic and technological development—all without any transformation of politics and humanity!

Sure, these ideas are timeless.

The point of writing about them, however, is to bring them back in time, where they belong.

The Columbian Exchange is well-named.

As with most modern exchanges, it was brutal, alienating, and unequal.

Social media, text, email, etc.

In the era of the communicative capitalism, the goal of the writer is to write fewer words per day.

A recurrent nightmare.

“Woke” Barbie and Ken were judging the worth of my “difference.”

Man is not the measure of all things.

Man is not even the measure of man.

You want to remove ambiguities?

You call that “rigor.” I call it “taking good stuff out.”