Monthly Archives: August 2020

The world is the basic political category.

The subject is basically an apolitical category. If the subject is politicized, it has transformed into a self.

Show me a lover of money.

I will show you someone who cares too much of what others think.


I would be slightly less interested about winning idiotic awards and slightly more interested in not being a complete idiot.

For Zhuangzi.

Wander beyond the realms of life and death; travel beyond the descriptions of metaphorical and literal.

For J.G.A. Pocock.

In the art of interpretation, putting in is the same as bringing out.

Political science, you trained and employ me.

The only thing you haven’t given me is a reason to stay.

Taiwanese and Taiwanese American.

Chen Kuan-Hsing is anxiously at home in Taiwan; I am anxiously not-home in the United States.

Moderation, mastery.

Pleasure is the basic question of self-moderation. Pain is the basic question of self-mastery.

“The Quality of Life,” “Descent.”

If Star Trek’s Federation really has eliminated private property, why such fear over the rebellion of its artificial workers?

There is something.

There is also nothing. I feel gratitude for both facts.