Monthly Archives: August 2020

What else would it be?

The desire to be normal is a normal desire.

It is fine to compare yourself to others.

Just make sure that you really believe you are superior first.

A letter separates “word” and “world.”

Yet countless lives separate words from worlds.

Thank goodness I wasn’t raised in Taiwan.

Ordinary idiocy would have been a real option there.

I’m never lonely.

I take it as a sign that I am decent company.

Geography, geometry.

We are all equidistant from the center of the world.

Only Here and Now exist.

Existence is the fiction, the thread through these existents.

The “Q” of the Star Trek universe.

They are the monotheistic nightmare of omnipotences without omnisciences or omnibenevolences. 

Politics can happen between two.

So can society, economics, community, or culture. It all depends on the quality of the relationship.

You mistake effect for cause.

“I just have more in common with white people.” It is common for identification to give rise to commonality.