Monthly Archives: September 2020

Chang, “Stories of Your Life.”

It had to be white Americans to achieve the ethnographic reversal where “we” will be “natives.”

The center says the left and the right are the same.

They are right in one respect: the left and right are political, while the center is not.

You learn something every time you read this book.

Or maybe you just have an especially poor memory.

I’m not looking you in the eye.

You are looking solely at the horizon.

Two signs of crisis.

1. The adoption of the academic celebrity system. 2. The decline of the academic celebrity system.

Our “leaders” are all old.

A sign of conservative, reactionary times.

I will never become my enemy.

Yet we can learn from our enemy. We can even learn to become more like them.

Outrage culture is the symptom.

The disease is the exhaustion of social progress.

Who are “the people”?

The masses are mediocre; the multitudes are great.

Enlightenment reasoning.

The only way to defeat an argument is to present it in the strongest possible light.