Who are “the people”?

The masses are mediocre; the multitudes are great.


  1. This aphorism sounds terrible. 🤣

    1. Hm may have to delete it

      1. Lol. Well, some people have no problem just participating in something that’s great. That’s great. But somehow to my ears I feel like it’s a letdown. But maybe that just goes to how screwed up I am 😆

    2. I can relate to that sense that “great” sounds like a letdown, given recent U.S. political usages of the term.

      1. Wait…. That wasn’t the one that I commented on. And I’m not seeing the one that I commented on. The one that I was commenting on was the one that said “some people are great and others participate in greatness”. Or something like that. 🧐

    3. Yes… I opted for a revision rather than erasure of (internet) history. The original read “Not all people are capable of greatness. Yet all people can participate in something great.” I prefer the revision, though it’s more like a qualification of the old sentence #2.

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