Monthly Archives: October 2020

Let’s say you are alone for the rest of your life.

All we’re saying is that you will be alive for the rest of your life.

What kind of rituals?

All our holidays are excuses to shop.

Who cares how good my 中文 gets?

My true home is not language; it is rupture and alienation, reiteration and dislocation. 

Too structured, too precise.

Where is the space within your sentences?

Liberty and security cannot be balanced.

However, license and security can be traded off.

Capitalist life and logic.

If the population shrinks, the economy shrinks. So let’s incentivize sexual reproduction, so the economy can grow.

Shitting on liberalism all day is not critique.

Doing so only demonstrates your lack of imagination regarding what will come next.

Psychoanalytic politics.

Carl Jung is archetypically conservative, the common denominator of Joseph Campbell and Jordan Peterson.

What’s your problem?

The basic problem of all philosophy.

Foreign languages and literatures of my own.

How hard I have studied, how little I have learned, how painful the promise.