Monthly Archives: October 2020

Why do I long for cosmopolis?

As I learned on a recent trip to Taiwan, I have been denationalized several times over.

Paradox of freedom.

You become freer once you’ve made a commitment.

Suffering for your art?

More like suffering from a cliché.

There’s so much to life.

Yet the powerful pretend that life is all brutal struggle to justify their efforts at domination in advance.

“Titanic,” “Attack on Titan,” etc.

The appreciation of size, apparently, remains undiminished.

I finally read that book.

It is as brilliant, but of course known for all the wrong reasons.

I did not become radicalized.

Politics is radical, and thought must be equally so.

TV will be there for you.

“Friends” is a show for an obnoxiously lonely society.

Remarks on marks.

This scar marks the place where you were. This wound marks the place where you are.

Politics is simple.

Complexity is for scientists, intellectuals, and literary scholars.