Monthly Archives: November 2020

Apartment as in office.

Covid19 work conditions are such that doing “less work than average” is passing as a decent vacation this year.

Economics rules the social sciences.

The queen bee wants a hive full of drones, both with and without stingers.

Beginning of the beginning.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a sense of direction.

Landthimos, “The Favorite.”

All we see in the absence of class analysis is odd pans and low angles, moral failings and affective turns.

What am I doing?

The writer overemphasizes how far language is reality in a desperate search for a reality they can control.

A research question is not a puzzle.

A puzzle is something that can be solved. The best questions, for better or worse, cannot.

Bullshit jobs are first and foremost jobs.

They are emblematic only of the bullshit experience as work.


The origin is history, the source is humanity.

One as in many.

A one note samba has plenty of notes.

Life is a struggle.

Life is a lot of other things, too.