Monthly Archives: November 2020

Confrontation versus cunning.

You want to be the hero, always. You forget the value of the trickster.

From one side to the others.

An intersection is a crossing, and a dangerous one at that.

A spatial metaphor.

An intersection is a location, and a structural one at that.

It is false to say intersectionality has no class analytic.

The real issue is that intersectional theory does not make class into the superhighway some imagine it is.

Social geometries.

Some intersections are points, others are lines, and yet others are planes.

Intersectional implications.

Every axis of social formation can move in at least two directions (oppressor and oppressed), where it crosses at least one other axis (e.g. gendered race, raced gender).

I’m seeing a pattern.

The source of knowledge is ignorance. The source of certainty is doubt. The source of intelligence is stupidity.

Institutions make and are made of people.

The destruction of institutions, however, only entails the destruction of relations.

Political action is unpredictable.

It would not be the fault of political science were every one of its predictions to turn out to be wrong.

I hate 90% of my coworkers.

Which is to say, I bear them no special grudge.