Monthly Archives: December 2020

Between readers, not pages.

Most of what makes a book “interesting” are the interests of its readers.

Detective work.

The last place to look is in the closet for skeletons. Look first on carpets and between floorboards for blood stains.

Sound versus sense.

Putting on a Coltrane record doesn’t make you a jazz aficionado any more than reading aloud from a Kierkegaard book makes you philosophically minded.

The Beautiful believe in Beauty.

Whereas I believe it is a mess of egotism, eroticism, and ethnocentrism.

Online urges.

I delete posts to remind myself that I have some control over how I appear.

Rank and resentment.

The most painful rejection comes from people who aren’t on your level.

These struggles are real.

“Non-violence” names a struggle that would prefer not to kill others. “War of position” names a strategy that would prefer not to kill itself.

How is the personal political?

The personal is the political not because power is exercised there, but rather because antagonism is ever present.

I’m not reading into things.

I’m reading, you illiterate.


The pace of my learning has slowed; the breadth of my learning has increased.