Monthly Archives: December 2020

Critical orientations.

Is the criticism head on or backhanded, sidewinding or sideways?

“I recognize you.”

The academic fetish of Black and Indigenous voice, authenticity, and suffering is predicated on the whitest politics of recognition.


A wild speculator tamed is a domesticated spectator.

What monotheists divined.

Creation is an ordinary act with extraordinary results.

Quantity over quality.

Sometimes sending and receiving “likes” is the perfect amount of social media interaction.

Can “society” be known objectively?

That depends: is society mind-independent? And that depends: how mindless is it?

Counting, ordering.

To begin with, let’s stop pretending there is a first place.

Two systems: knowledge and belief.

We know so many things that we do not believe and believe so many things that we do not know.

No exit.

The egoist criticized egoism out of egoism.

Why I’m talking about myself.

The ego emerges from a primordial frustration.