Monthly Archives: January 2021

The lesson of sexuality.

Tension holds many an association together.

Low-skill or high-tech.

As important as the material labor is the ideological work that “model minorities” perform for the United States.

Experience isn’t incontestable.

Were it incontestable, no argument would appeal to it.

The trouble with rights.

Asian Americans have the right to protest “Miss Saigon.” We also have the right to audition for it.

Self awareness is not his strength.

Self obliviousness would be more like it.


I didn’t write the instructions; I just delivered them.

That is the motive.

Yet what motivates the motive?

“Poor thing!” she thought. “He has no eyes for me.”

A humanitarian and a beauty, she never neglected her duty to pity the misfortunes of others.

All tied up.

Intertwining is more inexplicable than inextricable.

It takes creativity to be broad minded.

It takes creativity to be narrow minded too.