Monthly Archives: January 2021

Why long for childhood?

Life is far more engaging when lived as a teenager.

Identity is a concept.

Narrative is a concept. Your identity is not a concept. Your narrative is your identity.

Never trust a statement of “belief.”

Instead, draw inferences from what someone ignores, mocks, or criticizes as unbelievable.


Are you the exception to the rule or have you been excepted from their rules?

You know where I stand.

The social sciences must decide whether the human sciences or the natural sciences is their model of knowledge production.

Life is more or less a joke.

It is more cruel than clever, but no less funny as a result.

Gods exist.

All sorts of existence aren’t literal.

Frat and Sorority row.

I’m not sure how far “Greek life” on campus departs from the ancient Greeks.

He read everything.

That doesn’t mean he knew anything.