Star Trek: Discovery.

The second season is a second-rate superhero arch of “saving the universe.”


  1. Oh damn. Lol. I just enjoyed the pure mindless entertainment. But. Only season 1&2. That was enough.
    Same with start wars.
    They are the only things in my life I leave alone from my critical mind. I just sit back and enjoy.

    1. For me, the primary function of Star Trek and Star Wars is also entertainment. I do think other Star Trek series are more thoughtful and critical, though–Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, for example.

      1. Yeah. I tend to like shows that don’t have a running storyline. They just have characters involved in situation’s that are particular to the episode. But I thought discovery was OK and it was interesting storyline but, I don’t really like shows that I have to follow a long story line for the most part. The “mini-series-movie” kinda thing. I’d rather have vinniettes

    2. The episodic quality is one thing I appreciate about Star Trek: The Next Generation. I am also a Patrick Stewart fan.

  2. I like it when people share what they know. Now I don’t have to watch it. I was able to avoid WW 1984 too.

    1. I watched WW1984 despite everyone’s bad reviews and I think you made the right choice lol

  3. Just hope the next season will focus on other characters than just one, Michael Burnham…which is getting tiring after 2 seasons.

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